About Roxo

ROXO is all about putting what you love on your band. Pictures of your best friend, dog, or maybe that really cool photo you snapped on Instagram last night. Your ROXO band defines who you are and expresses what makes you unique.

When ROXO first started, we did not know what kind of product we wanted to make, and our only official goal was to make people smile. We spent weeks thinking of how to create joy with a tangible product. So we approached it like an 8th grade science project and began observing and recording data. We learned that people find happiness in the small things throughout their daily lives. We observed that nearly everyone wears something around their wrist, be it a watch or a friendship bracelet. The second most observed characteristic of people's interest was in mainstream America through movies, music, and all of our celebrities. Given that millions of people love jewelry and mainstream media, this is not what created ROXO. Our last observation is what opened our eyes. Although many people have similar interest, everyone is a unique individual and posses a beautiful sense of creativity. The truth is what sets us apart from one another is what makes us most interesting. This is the belief that birthed ROXO.

The first ROXO was made a couple years ago in a basement, and as of 2013 we have produced over a million ROXOs. Our product is accompanied by an online database of nearly 3,000 images to define your interest and we make custom ROXOs for unique individuals everyday. ROXO is an inexpensive way to express yourself and a lot of fun. We are the industry future of extremely customizable jewelry for all age groups. Our band builder allows anyone to upload images to getROXO.com and receive custom charms with your choice of photos or graphics. We currently feature Disney, Star Wars, Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, Mattel and many more to come!

Our Mission is to inspire creativity and encourage individuality, with quality products that generate smiles.
ROXO is your band, your brand ®.

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Watch our documentary here to hear the full story about how CEO, Greg Ramfos, re-tooled his automotive business into a bracelet and charm factory in order to save his employees. ROXOs are proudly made in the USA with the highest levels of integrity.

Roxo Code Of Ethics